Month: October 2018

  • Blame it on the Sleeves!

    Blame it on the Sleeves!

    By: Mehran Banaei “It wasn’t me, it was my hand, blame it on the sleeve which controls the hand” is a famous poetic story in Persian children’s literature that all Iranian children are well familiar with. It is a story about a naughty little girl named Saba who frequently misbehaves and when is questioned by […]

  • Hurdles to Seeking The Truth

    Hurdles to Seeking The Truth

    “…what the attitude has been is like ‘Oh you’re coming to see us, oh we’re so happy you’re not an Islamophobe, thank you for allowing us to live’… it’s more of a defeatist approach and so our mindset has to change…” “…the truth is not going to be defined by what’s popular and it’s not […]

  • Marrying Early

    Marrying Early

    Daniel Haqiqatjou   Another common orientalist trope in Western media: The sad Muslim bride forced into marriage. But this is not Western media. It is Aljazeera.   Reflect on the hypocrisy on display with Western culture. It is considered healthy and acceptable for children as young as kindergarten (5 year olds) to “explore their sexual […]

  • What’s New in Pakistan?

    What’s New in Pakistan?

    At the end of July, Imran Khan was elected as the Prime Minister of Pakistan. He ran on an anti-corruption, pro-welfare campaign that promised to restore dignity and prosperity to the lives of the Pakistani people. He said he would usher in a “New Pakistan” that was built on transparency, welfare and meritocracy.  He went […]