Month: January 2021

  • Ep. 18: Origin of the COVID-19 Pandemic with Dr. Kevin Barrett

    Conversation with Dr. Kevin Barrett regarding the origins of the Pandemic and current global lockdown. As mentioned by Dr. Kevin Barrett in this podcast the resources and links can be found here:  (read the Meryl Nass transcript)

  • The Lockdown & Islam

      The recent ‘Lockdown & Islam’ radio discussion on Brother Kevin Barrett’s radio show that The Ummah Times participated in. Also check out our related podcast here:

  • The COVID Lockdown and Islam

    The COVID Lockdown and Islam

    The Ummah Times’ own Brother Zeshan was on Truth Jihad Radio recently to talk about the current affairs concerning the global lockdown and how Muslims are to respond. Listen to it here: *Note there is some dead air in the beginning from the guests end, you can start listening from 04:50