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  • The Caliph’s Speech

    O Mankind, I congratulate you. At last peace reigns in the heart of man. At last greed is but a word whose meaning fades from our understanding. At last, we are whole. Brothers, there is a disease in the heart of man. Its symptom is hate. Its symptom is rage. Its symptom is greed. Its…

  • The Obligation of Active Dawah

    If you ever get into discussions with fellow Muslims who are not sure if active dawah (e.g. publicly sharing the revealed Truth) is an obligation then share some of the following textual evidences with them that make this more than clear: “Invite them to the path of your Sustainer with wisdom and words of good…

  • The Impending Civil War: Trans Activists vs. Feminists

    With the current full blown “Trans Rights” agenda sweeping across the globe we are mirroring this excellent outline by our good friends at the Muslim Skeptic. A showcase of the irony of conflict between these two Satanically rooted ideologies. It seems there are now some significant internal disputes (did someone say heresy?) taking place among the…

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    Hijrah in Islam: Its Verdict & Rationale with Shaykh Abu Taubah

    The Ummah Times discussion with Shaykh Abu Taubah from the Timbuktu Seminary ( on the topic of Hijrah in Islam.

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    Making Tracks – Lost Art of Hijrah

    The Ummah Times intriguing and much needed discussion on the topic of Hijrah with brothers ( who have actually done it! We discuss their various travels and on the rationale of Hijrah in Islam.

  • Do Boycotts actually work?

    Do Boycotts actually work?

    Boycott, collective and organized ostracism applied in labour, economic, political, or social relations to protest practices that are regarded as unfair. The boycott was popularized by Charles Stewart Parnell during the Irish land agitation of 1880 to protest high rents and land evictions. The term boycott was coined after Irish tenants followed Parnell’s suggested code…

  • Nice Attacks

    Nice Attacks

    The recent attacks in Nice show us yet again; another episode of underwhelming response from key Muslim Community Figures (MCF), particularly in the West. For peculiar reason, MCF always are the early adopters of condemnation parade whose main purpose is nothing but to come across as apologetics. There responses usually revolve around how the “terrorist”…

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    Ep. 14: Khilafah: History and Future (Segment 3 of P. 2) with Br. Mazin Abdul-Adhim & Sh.Omar Baloch

    The Ummah Times very engaging and informative podcast discussion on “Khilafah: History and Future.”

  • An examination of the issue of the Majaal (place of focus) of the Da’wah

    The following is the translation of an Arabic article, the original has been included below.   The Majaal (place of focus to bring the change) of the Da’wah is a prisoner to the capability of carrying it and to where the Mana’ah exists, whilst it is not a prisoner to any particular land. Therefore, any…

  • Tafseer of Surah ar-Ra’ad, Ayah 11

    “InnAllaha laa yoghayyiru maa bi Qawmin hattaa yoghayyiroo maa bi anfusihim” (TMQ ar-Ra’ad 13:11) “Allah will not change what is in any nation, until they all collectively make a change occur in what is in themselves.” (TMQ ar-Ra’ad 13:11) Many from amongst the sincere, and insincere, Muslims utilise this Ayah in an attempt to justify…