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  • What’s New in Pakistan?

    What’s New in Pakistan?

    At the end of July, Imran Khan was elected as the Prime Minister of Pakistan. He ran on an anti-corruption, pro-welfare campaign that promised to restore dignity and prosperity to the lives of the Pakistani people. He said he would usher in a “New Pakistan” that was built on transparency, welfare and meritocracy.  He went…

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    Pakistan: Imran Khan in power, what next?

    Timely and a must listen to discussion on the recent federal elections in Pakistan.

  • Current Federal Election in Pakistan

    Current Federal Election in Pakistan

    Commentary regarding the current federal election in Pakistan: “I just got asked why I am so negative about the Pakistani elections. Which I guess is a good question so without rattling on here is why : 1) The Democratic process , the failed legislature and crony corruption are all legacies of colonialism. The British might…