An Indictment Against Humanity

An Indictment Against Humanity

The true colours of our Western democracies are being shown in their complicity with the murderous rampage of Israel to maintain and expand stolen property. Much like the colonialistic ventures of bygone eras which have caused untold suffering in the past three centuries, this latest misadventure of unconscionable and apocalyptic proportions by Israel and its creators, supporters and cheerleaders is causing the unspeakable deaths of innocent Palestinian men, women and most tragically, children as well as the deaths of others caught in the turmoil. This is a shame and blight on all our leaders – the barbarians in suits. It cannot be business as usual; it is time to wake up and realize that humanity has lost its bearings and has become unhinged. I sometimes wonder if such injustice entitles us to be called humanity or civilized.

We must all collectively pursue a cessation of this onslaught or defend those being slaughtered and expelled. We are not aliens to one another – we tend to forget that all humanity is really one because it comes from a single origin and as such is an extended family. All family members are concerned for each others well-being and safety. The nominal Muslim nations must unite to live up to the Quranic demand for protecting men, women and children who have been oppressed and are crying for help. Remember that all innocent lives: Jewish, Buddhist, Atheist, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu etc.  are valuable and sacred, and the greatest commandments are that ‘Thou shall not kill’ and ‘Thou shall not steal’, today being flagrantly violated. There is absolutely no reason for us not living in peace, harmony and justice, rather than being victims of divide and rule policies of the parasitic overlords that are being foisted upon us in various guises. In this vein, in the Quran, it states that “Corruption has appeared on land and sea because of what the hands of human beings have wrought. God allows this to happen so that perhaps you may return (to truth and justice).” There is therefore still hope. Let us turn that hope for peace and justice into a reality.






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