Muslims dropped the ball on Palestine

Where was this level of Muslim outrage before recently concerning the brutal plight of our Muslim Brothers and Sisters in Palestine? For over 75 years they were uprooted from their homes, as a people they were ethnically cleansed and they’ve been brutally occupied while rest of the Muslims got caught up with allure of the dunya. This is not the test of the Palestinians but rather the test of the rest of the Muslims who’ve failed this trial thus far. For us Muslims who’ve failed our brethren in Palestine our only consolation is the opportunity we’ve been given by Allah — the opportunity of each and every Muslim working towards the routing the evil genocidal Zionist regime and replacing it with the only structure that would safeguard True Justice — The Islamic System. One of the ways is to constantly execute on this global call to action. Muslims have no choice now but to roll up their sleeves and get working towards achieving this in order to save our oppressed Brothers and Sisters and consequently saving ourselves in the front of The Creator.






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