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Satanic Roots of ‘Secularism’ with Brother David Livingstone


We welcome back Brother David Livingstone for a 3rd podcast, the esteemed scholar and investigator for over 30 years in the area of occult influence in history. This time Brother David covers more in depth of the Satanic/Shaitani origins of what we deem ‘secularism’ today. Other related topics are covered such as the events surrounding the brief episode of Harut & Marut mentioned in the Qur’an to the other nefarious myths (taking people away from Tawhid) that have plagued present day beliefs and systems.

To learn more about Brother David Livingstone (i.e. on his embracing of Islam in his younger years) you can check our first interview of him here: https://youtu.be/sfCr3q-xqBk

Our 2nd discussion with Brother David focusing on influence of occultism in segments of early and modern Islamic history: https://youtu.be/cSJsalht7fs

Works of Brother David Livingstone can be found at:







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