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  • Nice Attacks

    Nice Attacks

    The recent attacks in Nice show us yet again; another episode of underwhelming response from key Muslim Community Figures (MCF), particularly in the West. For peculiar reason, MCF always are the early adopters of condemnation parade whose main purpose is nothing but to come across as apologetics. There responses usually revolve around how the “terrorist” […]

  • Is Feminism Dangerous?

    Is Feminism Dangerous?

    Brother Daniel Haqiqatjou and Sister Nour Goda discuss feminism’s intellectual history as well as contemporary feminist discourse. They ask whether Muslims can be feminists given the moral and theological implications of feminist thought. There is also a lively Q&A portion of the program where feminist audience members challenge the conclusions and arguments made by the […]

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    The Absurdity of ‘Racism’

    Zeshan Shahbaz Before we are anything else, we are human. Before we are black, white, yellow, brown or any other shade of colour, we are human. Factually, it comes down to male and female human beings spread across this planet Earth where colour and language are nothing but states of nature (1). This not only […]

  • From X to Islam

    From X to Islam

    By Nadeem Haque                                                             One of the most prominent speakers on Islam, in Britain, in the early 1960s[1], was delivering a lecture at the London School […]

  • Nationalism – A Bond Rejected by Islam

    Nationalism – A Bond Rejected by Islam

    One of the ways of seeking Allah’s pleasure is to clear ourselves of feelings of pride and greed, to control our desires, and to do good deeds so that we may come closer to Him (swt). While many talks in Masajid around the world and Islamic speakers speak about the importance of the “purification of […]