• Talk with Joram Van Klaveren former anti-Muslim Dutch politician on ‘Dawah in Europe’

    The Ummah Times in conversation with Brother Joram Van Klaveren ( & ) on ‘Dawah in Europe’

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    Are We Alone in the Universe? The Islamic perspective

      We have an interesting discussion with Quran & Science researcher Nadeem Haque concerning the age old question of if We are Alone in the Universe mainly from the Islamic perspective. As mentioned in this podcast see link here regarding Nadeem’s and Zeshan’s co-written article on “Extraterrestrials in Islam”: See also the ‘Extraterrestrials in…

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    Satanic Roots of ‘Secularism’ with Brother David Livingstone

      We welcome back Brother David Livingstone for a 3rd podcast, the esteemed scholar and investigator for over 30 years in the area of occult influence in history. This time Brother David covers more in depth of the Satanic/Shaitani origins of what we deem ‘secularism’ today. Other related topics are covered such as the events…

  • Ep. 08: Dawah in the West

    The Ummah Times very engaging and timely podcast discussion on “Dawah in the West” now out, watch the full episode here: Link to the University of Peshawar paper entitled “The Methodology of the Prophet In Calling To Allah” that was mentioned in the podcast discussion. Other related resources & articles: The Problem with Muslims…