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Worse than a coronavirus: The Plague of Individualism

Worse than a coronavirus: The Plague of Individualism
The Ummah Times Podcast discussion on “Who Cares!?” / Individualism. Part of the ‘Issues Plaguing the Ummah’ discussion series.
Brother Khalid’s khutba on “Who Cares?!”: https://youtu.be/egdgsBm04xc
Are Muslims to Represent or Not?: https://zeshanthemuslim.wordpress.com/2019/10/16/are-muslims-to-represent-or-not/
William Gladstone, late British Prime Minister said: “The situation in the East will not be successful until we remove the Hijab from the woman and use it to cover the Qur’an.” (British House of Commons, 1894)
Liberalism vs. Islam: https://zeshanthemuslim.wordpress.com/2018/09/26/liberalism-vs-islam/
Is Feminism Dangerous?: http://www.theummahtimes.com/is-feminism-dangerous/
Colonial Islam: http://www.theummahtimes.com/colonial-islam/
High time for the Muslims to Uncoil Themselves: http://www.theummahtimes.com/high-time-for-the-muslims-to-uncoil-themselves/






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